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All The Ways To Wear A Bandana With Hijab

Who doesn’t have at least one bandana in the back of their drawer?  Yet who knows how to wear a bandana with a hijab?

The little colored scarf with the paisley print is determined to win back hearts as it has done for decades … even centuries. IT is once again a must-have in 2021.

Today, this little printed scarf has managed to make its mark in our wardrobes. For us hijabis, it has become a stylish accessory for our hijabs, the different prints and colors managed to beautifully bring life into our boring plain scarves.

There are so many ways to wear a bandana over your hijab, all you have to do is to wisely choose it in order to match with your hijab and create a beautiful looking contrast.

You are sure to spruce up your outfit with the right bandana x Hijab wrap.

Below are 21 pictures from your favorite bloggers to get inspired on how to wear a bandana on your hijab.

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