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Comfortable & Casual Winter Outfit Idea

by Nahla Naciri   ·  1 year ago  

When you look good, you feel even better, but what about looking bomb and feeling comfortable like you’ve done no efforts.

It’s all about picking up the right fashion pieces while shopping. Timeless and can be worn and styled smartly into many different ways. 

Today’s outfit idea features a bunch of very trendy clothing pieces which you won’t regret getting yourself. They are the kind of clothes that you get to wear over and over again without feeling guilty.

Let’s start off with the long oversized blazer, worn over a midi dress as today’s look, OR, imagine it with a pair of mom jeans, flat shoes and a shoulder bag: quick office outfit. The blazer can also be worn over flare pants, high heels and a small hand bag.

Dare it with a matching wide leg pants, slim pants and chunky boots… etc

As for the midi knit dress, it’s very comfortable and can be worn simple or belted for some definition. Paired with boots, the look is already complete.

This whole outfit is very comfortable and casual for everyday use, you can pick any hijab color according to your taste.

Shop the whole outfit from the links listed below.

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With love ❤️

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