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Easy Hijab Styles By Ishaloona

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

Welcome back to another blogpost featuring these easy hijab styles by Isha aka @ishaloona on Instagram, where to begin to introduce Isha! she is  a million in one person, an artistic soul who never fails to amaze us in so many different ways, we love her poetry, she has released some books ( Plague, The Dahlia… ) that you should definitely read if you’re into meaningfull words, Isha is also a photographer and what could be more beautiful to look at than her own Instagram pictures, she is a stunner mashAllah. 

70% of her Instagram comments are requests about how she ties her hijab in such a perfect way, she always appears in stunning hijab wraps along her flawless makeup looks, she has then recently gathered her all time hijab tutorials in one post and did us really a great favor, because whenever we post a photo of her on Instagram we get a lot of DMs abouts her hijab tutorials.

Here you go girls, enjoy all of these styles and don’t forget to share your final look on Instagram and tag us there for a repost.

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