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Easy Party Wear Hijab Tutorials Using Hair clips

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  2 years ago  

Being a great success of the 2000s, the hair clips make their comeback and make it to the front of the stage, for our greatest pleasure. To wear solo or in accumulation, these clips are fast becoming our new essential for hair and more as hijabis.

For a while, we wanted to hide them. Often relegated to the rank of accessories for little girls, they had to be discreet. Today, things have changed: big fat ones are absolutely everywhere and especially on the heads of fashionistas.

In the world of modest fashion, they have made their appearance on headscarves leaving a glamourous touch on every hijabi’s head. To wear for a day out or for parties, you can work your look the way you want to.

Saima Khan aka @saimascorner has created some party wear hijab styles featuring some of her hair clips and showed us all the way to style them to add a fun touch to your special occasion’s look.

Comment below which one is your favorite.

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