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Feyza Başar Signature Hijab Styles

by Nahla Naciri   ·  12 months ago  

Feyza aka @feyzahakyemez is a turkish fashion & lifestyle blogger with a penchant for casual looks with a touch of class and comfort.

She serves up great fashion trends and travel snaps on her page sharing exeperiences and addresses to stop by while traveling.

Feyza doesn’t have one specific hijab style, she creates different looks and adapt them to her daily outfits. She is always on pulse of discovering new ways to highlight the hijab styles she is wearing.

Today’s video features 6 different hijab styles, with different hijab material, from daily wear, to occasional and classy looks, you will definitely find your delight.

Without further ado, enjoy watching and don’t forget to share with someone who might like these hijab looks.

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