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Fashion Tips On How To Wear Floral Dresses

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

This summer, flowers will be blooming everywhere. Nothing new about that? These florals will be popping up outside your yard: on pants, skirts, dresses, blouses and more.

But as Hijabis, nothing looks more stunning than a maxi floral dress paired with a plain hijab color. Look for bouquets in bold and bright colors, or in watercolor pastels. You have a huge number of colors you can pair floral patterns to, and the less colors you choose the better it is to look more classy,

Below are some fashion tips to help you use wisely the floral pattern this summer:

  • You can pair floral patterns with any color from the flowers on your either skirt, pant, hijab or even bag.
  • You can try a floral skirt with a simple classic white top and pair the hijab to one of the flowers color, better to pick the main color of the flowers.
  • You can also try floral patterns with denim they look awesome together.
  • You can try floral patterns also with a leather jacket to make thefloral piece pop up in your outfit.

Anyway, it all depends on how dark, light or colorful are your floral patterns, Check out how these beautiful bloggers have slayed the floral print this summer.


floral dress
floral dress

SOURCE @omayazein

floral dress

SOURCE @leyl_y

SOURCE @rana1ia

floral dress
floral dress
floral dress

SOURCE @zozoliina

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