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Full Coverage Hijab Style Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  2 years ago  

Full coverage hijab styles are among the highly requested hijab tutorials on our platform, we came today with an easy quick hijab look that you can create for work, school or just for running errands.

A full coverage hijab style helps adding so much modesty to your look, keep you well covered and warm during winter and works magic over a plain shirt, you can get along with a boring plain top but style it beautifully with the coverage of your hijab.

So first thing required to achieve a full coverage hijab look is using a maxi hijab; whether you prefer chiffon, viscose of jersey hijabs, all works for this style as long as they are long.

An underscarf is required in this specific hijab style, however if you’re using a jersey hijab and planning on wearing your hijab tight and secured, no need to use an underscarf.

Without further ago, enjoy watching all the steps required to create this gorgeous full coverage hijab style by @yowitsfariin

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