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How To Wear A Hoodie With Style

by Nahla Naciri   ·  2 years ago  

Good news hoodies fans: wearing it in the city is considered a pirouette of style. A cool but chic thing now reserved for very stylish people.

The hoodie returns from afar. Particular partner of our acne years, it could have remained the trauma of our 15 years. Nothing of that. 20 years later, the hoodie is still there: free, proud on our shoulders and so much in the fashion trend.

From male to female locker rooms, from teenagers to adults, the hoodie knew how to adapt, to get in, to impose itself. And if the classic grey hoodie is still the family staple, today you will find many modern and original models.

Below are some combinations ideas:

1- Consider pairing a hoodie with carrot pants for a comfortable outfit that is also tastefully composed. Go for a pair of white leather sneakers.

2- Try pairing a hoodie with a maxi dress or a skirt for the weekend. A pair of white sneakers is a great option to complete this outfit.

3- Consider pairing a hoodie with black skinny pants and a long plaid coat for a comfortable fit. A pair of sneakers is a clever option to complete this outfit.

There are a lot of combinaions and ideas to work a hoodie in your outfit. So take it out of our sports bag and get inspired by the following styles by your favorite bloggers.

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