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New Hijab Accessory Trend That’s Taking Instagram Surge!

by Zaynab Rayhan   ·  4 years ago  

Every year, we see new trends for hijabs. And thought each comes with its own design at charming (Flower broche pins, head chain) and many more. We discovered in this period pearl hair clips! It gives you a glamorous look and adds a pinch of extra to your outfit. It can be add to your hijab for a casual outfits as well as a more elegant or occasional wear. Create instant allure with a pearl-embelished bulk. Give yourself an additional dose of fun!

Here’s the beautiful Eileen Lahi @eslimah wearing it and looking absolutely beautiful.

Here’s another example with the beautiful @withloveleena wearing a pretty nude hijab and adding this gorgeous pearl hair pin! It’s a very good example of how elegant and simple it will look on you. I love how she she styled it and wore it as a hijab pin to fix her scarf and add more style to it.

you can find those pins HERE


All this to say, if you are looking for a quick, affordable and effortless way to make your look feel distinctive to you, invest in the pearl hair clip trend and join the jollification.

You may want to see how she styled it in her get ready with me video.

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