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Neutrals Are The New Black!

by Zaynab Rayhan   ·  3 years ago  

This past year, it’s all about (The 50 shades of Neutrals)! We don’t really mean 50.. but we mean a lot because we’ve seen so many shades of earthy shades ranging from brown to beige to cream and pinkish colours, all over the runways and the streets. 

When you wear an all-neutral ensemble it means an effortless sophistication outfit and the reason why is because it’s simple and elegant. It barely takes any effort but still comes off versatile and fashionable.

In case you haven’t noticed, makeup trends are also about these shades of colours. Whether its a a neutral lip, gloss or matte or a light pinkish eyeshadows colours it can be worn in a more casual day or a wedding. Also can’t forget about accessories, handbags and All kind of beige heels.

We all know that black is the “classique” colour but neutral shades offer that same classic look and it matches almost anything also it compliment any and every skin colour. We women love black because it’s easy, but we found this new colour trend is as much  easy to wear. 

All this is say nude is the new black!

Bellow we are gonna share with you some makeup looks and outfits worn by our favourite bloggers. Enjoy!

Here we have the beautiful Aysha Harun @ayshaharun with a gorgeous and glowy makeup look with pinkish neutral shades.


Leena Leena Leena! @withloveleena THE blogger that always slays the earthy shade outfits!


The beautiful Jaserah  @simplyjaserah Wearing an all-neutral ensemble! How beautiful she looks?


Summer! @summeralbarcha the blogger that loves layering. We love how she matches this blazer and pleated skirt with different shade of the same colour.


Maryam @sincerelymaryam giving us a beautiful outfit inspo from head to toe!


Leena @withloveleena giving us the 50 shades of neutrals! From her hijab to her makeup or even her beauty room. We love Leena!


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