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Pastel Favorites: All The Ways To Wear Peach

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago  

The coral has become a staple of the palette of fashionistas, including stars! If the color gently awakens the lightest skin, it also flatters with peps dark skin, dark or already golden in the sun.

How to wear coral
In small touches: when you like a color, you tend to abuse it. Although coral is one of ‘its’ colors of the moment, we avoid overdosing by wearing it on a piece of our look, especially if it is a bright, orange, bright coral. So, if you have rather fair skin, wear the coral color on bottoms: pants or long skirt.
On the contrary, if you have matte, golden or tanned skin, wear it more as a top, it will bring out your complexion. Blazer, jacket, shirt or even fine mesh sweater, everything is allowed.
– If you are considering the total look: it is also allowed! Especially if it is a light coral, which tends towards pastel, nothing prevents you from opting for a monochrome look, provided that it is in one and the same piece. Fall for, a long coral dress or a jumpsuit.

But in no case for a dissociated skirt and top. Why ? Because it’s a safe bet that the coral will not be exactly the same.
– The good alternative if you want to get started smoothly: accessories! More than ever, opt for open-toed shoes for example for summer (with the pedicure that is going well!), But also a bag, a clutch or even a hijab to flatter the face.

How to match the coral
The real asset of this pretty color? We can match it according to our desires. Test it in two colors, with white or black for maximum contrast. More surprisingly, the coral does not denote with a fuchsia pink. Try !
It will also be perfect with navy or beige or camel.
If you want to play the color block effect (never more than 3 colors at the same time, remember!), Rather use the coral on accessories such as a scarf, a belt … It will awaken an ultra classic look like a fitted, very working girl dress, denim pants and shirt, white top, flowing pants…

Fashion faux pas to avoid
– Wear two different coral shades together, an association that we leave on the catwalks.
– The coral-brown association. Unless you want to display a very 70’s look.

Below are some beautiful and stylish looks with coral in total look or in pieces. Comment below your favorite one.

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