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Sided Turban Style By @SevisWorld

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  4 years ago  

Summer is hot this year, everyone is suffering from the heat wave. It’s so difficult to keep a certain style with all the discomfort that the weather is causing and with a hijab it is way more unpleasant. The smoother the fabric is, the better. You need to detox your winter scarves and keep only chiffon and light jersey hijabs, for they are soft and easy to wear during summer.

If you are a turban fan, you may want to try out a new style and way of wrapping it, in a way to keep your head breathable and your style stunning despite the heat.

Sevi aka @sevisworld always creates the most stylish and creative hijab/turban styles, her wraps and suitable for so many occasion, it all depends on your preferences. This sided turban style is a smart way to un-use the hijab’s fabric around your head, especially with the heat. You’ll notice that a big part was used to create that sided touch.

I hope you enjoy this look used by a chiffon scarf. Tag a friend who might like this!

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