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7 Tips to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 years ago  

Oh autumn! We wake up in the morning and we feel the fresh breeze on our skin, then at noon we die of heat and we regret wearing jeans and a trench for eating out on the table to picnic. Am I the only one in this situation? I doubt it. It’s official, autumn is knocking on doors, slowly but surely, if it wasn’t for summer nights and long days being gone, I would say that Fall is my favorite season, but day after day we get used to it and savor its coziness.


I am sharing with you today some tips to make the transition between your summer and fall wardrobe smoothly. We are not going to lie, the number one thing remains the best: dressing in layers which became a fabulous trend. Indeed, it is easier to add a jacket or sweater than to cut it. Moreover, as long as winter is not really installed yet, we can make it through Fall layering.

First of all, choose the summery pieces to keep: Yours, those you wear easily, those that give you chills of joy … no cold haha! 

Ideas? a shirt or a lace top, for some seasons, the lace is there all year long and knows how to warm up. Maybe an ethnic tunic: it recalls the carefree holiday. Also white jeans: why book it in the summer, it illuminates the dark days (well, ok, not too rainy days), khaki pants: they go with pretty much everything.

Secondly, match them to your mid season clothes: 

Peck in this list according to your taste and style:

– A fine and a little loose sweater, not too long: it will be perfect on an ethnic blouse, a silk top or a simple shirt.

– a long and sparkling vest: it will warm a silk strapless top or a lace blouse.

– a leather jacket: it will keep you warm (inside too) and structure your silhouette.

– a short and narrow jacket in fleece: same objective as the jacket (and it changes the vest)

– a small jacket with tight sleeves: ditto (and it’s more pro than the fleece)

Below are some bloggers inspirational styles to help you choose and prepare your fall wardrobe using your summer pieces, enjoy and tag someone who might need this!

summer to fall
summer to fall
summer to fall
summer to fall

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