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Summer Vacation Lookbook by @summeralbarcha

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  3 years ago  

A summer vacation lookbook is really needed right now, for all of us who are heading over to our annual vacay destination. With the last days in the office, no time to think about the outfits to take in your summer suitcases? Don’t panic, Summer Albarcha have concocted a selection of the most beautiful looks mixing formal and casual pieces to come up with the most original vacation looks.

One great tip to learn from Summer is to always have an all whie base. a comfortable t-shirt or any kind of tops and flare white pants, this will allow you to create at least 3 different looks while packing smartly. A bunch of different blazers or vests mixed with the right hijab colors would complete your all white base.

Favor nude or neutral shades for your hijabs, this will allow you to match them with pretty much any outfit color. Hence no need to pack all your hijab colors. This is perfect too for if you booked some holiday apartments in bustling cities, as you will look striking and fashionable no matter where you go. Being dressed to impress is important, after all, and a vacation is a great time to amp it up to eleven!

Below are 5 outfit ideas she paired between luxury to beachy to comfortable for a day of outtings. So many tips to learn from her video below. Enjoy and share with someone who might need this.

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