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Super Easy Hijab Styles With Ruba Zai

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

Hijab tutorials never end as long as we are surrounded by creative fashion bloggers who keep bringing up new ideas and styles, and our job is to pick and share the best ones with our readers.

Today’s inspo is from Ruba Zai we all know as @hijabhills , she is one of our favorite bloggers we are most proud of, she has worked with the most famous brands and has been featured as the cover of Cosmopolitan Netherlands for April 2018 issue, All the muslim community was thrilled for her since she is the first Hijabi to make it to an international magazine cover! Well done Ruba. 

Apart from this, Ruba always comes up with practical deals and ideas, below she is sharing 3 different hijab styles using instant scarves, they seem easy to wear but they require some styling which Ruba has gathered in the tutorial below, enjoy and tag someone who likes instant hijabs.

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