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15 Looks That Prove White Pants Add So Much Style

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  3 years ago  

In jeans, cotton or linen, slim, flared or in a panty skirt version, white pants are essential as soon as the first rays of sun appear. Here are some tips to know how to wear it.

White is synonymous with shine and luminosity. When the warm weather arrives, white pants become a flagship piece of our wardrobe.

As the preparations for our favorite summer looks go up a gear, we suggest that you give your black jeans and slims a few months off and opt for a touch of light that only white can bring.

The white pants redouble elegance when associated with a straight coat as seen on @simplyjaserah or an oversized sweater as seen on @omayazein with a boyish look and a pair of heels (boots, stilettos, wedges …). It looks more casual when worn with a denim shirt and a pair of sneakers as seen on @modalilium. In a more sensual register, @withloveleena wears it in a flare, tight-fitting, and high-waisted version, completing it with a simple short coat/blazer and boots. Check all these looks and more below from your favorite bloggers to see how white pants add so much style and elegance to your oufits.

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