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21 Cold Weather Outfit Ideas By Nour El Hoda 

by Nahla Naciri   ·  1 year ago  

Staying trendy in winter while protecting yourself from the cold is THE fashion challenge. This year, we’re taking it up, thanks to some tips for dressing well when it’s really cold. Break down preconceived ideas: yes, you can also be stylish in the middle of winter, the proof is down below!

We have gathered 21 outfit ideas from the talented fashion content creator Nour El Hoda to face the cold weather this year, but before that here are some tips for you to master the winter fashion techniques.

Wear Layers during the Winter
Layering clothes is the fashion reflex to adopt this winter. All you have to do is master the art of layering, which all fashionistas have already adopted.

To layer well without fear of overdose, we forget the excessive mixtures of prints and colors. Also avoid: materials that are too thick, such as coarse wool and fleece. In short, we stay sober.

Be stylish in winter: the right fashion accessories
Combined with trendy sweaters and other oversized coats, winter accessories can make all the difference. In addition to keeping warm, small accessories also have the power to enhance a minimalist look.

Starting with the scarf, which we wear in an XXL version this season. We choose it plain, in a pretty powder pink color or printed with colored stripes. As for winter beanies, we love the trend for the beret or newsboy cap in wool. With this fashion piece, we allow ourselves a few deviations with a pop color or a strong print.

Enjoy these 21 outfit ideas from Nour and share this with a friend struggling to keep it fashion BUT warm.

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