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3 different Silk Hijab Styles – Video Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 years ago  

Silk Hijabs are having a major moment– but how do we style them? Where to start? Today I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to style/wear a silk Hijab!  A little collection of pretty silk scarves are such a chic and elegant addition to any wardrobe.  If you are a print lover extraordinaire you will always swoon over a beautiful print on a gorgeous silk scarf because they are known for the variety of prints.  Silk scarves are also one of those items that are even more special when vintage! Go dust off those beauties in your Grandmother, Aunt, or Mom’s closet and put them to use.

The slightest inconvenience of silk hijabs is that they tend to slide, with the right and proper tips, you will manage to keep your silk scarf on your head all day long! Of course an underscarf is a necessity, but if underscarves doesn’t match your face shape, I would recommande you to use a bandana under your Hijab ( something that would keep your silky scarf from sliding and also something to use pins on) 

The best things about silk hijabs is that you can adapt them to your face shape easily, the fabric is flexible and take a form real quick.

Below are some styles shared by the gorgeous @sehri__istanbul share with us your favorite one!

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