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7 Simple Pinless Hijab Styles

by Nahla Naciri   ·  2 years ago   ·  

Pinless hijab styles are the best, especially during summer season. Who would wants to wear a tight hijab style in this crazy heat? An easy peasy lemon squeezy thrown back hijab style would be the perfect alternative to face this hot weather. There are so many hijab styles that can be created without a pin or a brooch, you just need to pick the right hijab fabric and try on all the beautiful way to style a hijab.

@sevisworld is sharing below 7 pinless hijab styles that you can easily recreate with your hijab but using an underscraf to keep your scarf from sliding since there won’t be any pin to help secure it.

Now the best hijab fabric to play with while creating a pinless hijab look is jersey since it sticks around your head and keep you covered no matter how much you move. However, Sevi is using a georgette satin hijab which is astonishing because now you know you can have a large choice of hijab colors and prints.

Wih no further to it, enjoy these 7 pinless hijab syles video and share it with someone who can’t stand hijab pins.


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