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9 Hijab Styles For Beginners

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  9 months ago  

You can never learn enough hijab styles and wraps especially with the Hijab Tutorials videos all over the internet bringing everytime a new practical and of course, beautiful way to wrap your hijab. Especially if you are a beginner, you must be watching dozens of these.

Using chiffon, cotton, crinkle or viscose hijab fabrics, every style has their own hijab styles that work the best with. However Chiffon Hijabs are the easiest to style and they help creating stunning hijab styles with the flowy effect they manage to give. If you’re looking for hijab syles for beginners, Chiffon hijabs are the best choice.

Today’s video featuring 9 easy beautiful hijab styles using a chiffon scarf, created by the talented Sarej Elmustapha aka @sarej.e on Instagram. She has some pretty good ideas and stunning occasional styles that you can re-create easily with your own scarves.

Without further ado, enjoy this easy tutorial for 9 hijab styles for beginners.