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All The Stylish Ways To Wear Overalls

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago  

The overalls are easy as a pie. A white shirt underneath and a pair of Converse can be enough to sublimate it. The key is knowing how to choose your model, finding your style and making the right combinations. For that, we help you with some fashion advice and a decryption of trends.

Which overalls to choose?
As with summer or winter dresses, there are several types of overalls. If the denim overalls are the most common, there are also other materials and colors that change from the most famous models.

As soon as the temperatures rise, linen overalls can be a nice alternative. When it’s really too hot, the denim overalls take over. In town or at the beach, this is a piece that is one of the wardrobe essentials.

And then, if you have an adventurous soul, you go for the culotte skirt with very wide legs, which are definitely embedded everywhere.

What look with overalls?
Your overalls “match” perfectly with certain pieces of your dressing room. Ultimate example with the shirt. If you don’t know how to wear the shirt anymore, look no further. Printed, white or denim, the shirt goes perfectly with the overalls. With the striped sweater, too, there is “crush”.

Contrary to what one might think, the overalls can be worn in summer or winter. With a turtleneck or with a sweatshirt, with or leather jacket, with a pair of ankle boots.

And then, in the worst cases and when you’re out of ideas, you always have the right basic. Wearing a white top or a striped one underneath is a safe combination.

Below are all the ways you can wear them by your favorite bloggers.

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