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All The Ways To Style Your Shirt This Summer

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago  

The shirt is the very essence of the wardrobe staple. Perhaps banal at first glance, it is however not close to being relegated to the bottom of the cupboards, and remains a safe choice during those small mornings when you have “nothing to wear”. It is an essential that we tend to neglect. Yet it deserves our full attention. Easy to wear and so trendy when you know the codes to wear it well.

To breathe new life into a classic, there’s nothing like the way to wear it. Whether you team it up with wide leg pants and kitten heels, or rather a maxi skirt and sneakers, your shirt won’t be expressed the same way. Button it wisely to the collar and add impactful jewelry. When the thermometer rises, if your shirt is long enough, wear it over a long dress and knot it for some style then put on sandals. Whatever the season, this immaculate essential will have you covered.

Which model of shirts to choose? What style to adopt with it? And above all, what are the right combinations to build a silhouette? Here are all the ways to style your shirt this summer.

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