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Blogger Of The Week: Mina aka @minahamideh

by Nahla Naciri   ·  2 years ago  

Meet our new blogger of the week: Mina aka @minahamideh a US based fashion content creator on Instagram. 

Mina doesn’t have one specific style, she just has fun with fashion and dresses according to her mood. Her style instantly makes us want to shop as she makes everything look easy and fun to wear. 

She shares fun reels building up outfits using essentials everyone may have stored in their wardrobe. She makes creating an outfit looks so easy and fun to assemble together matching the right tones.

Mina has undoubtedly a very stunning sense of fashion. Sometimes street, sometimes relaxed, sometimes glamorous but also chic, Mina dares everything and sets no limits.

Without further ado, enjoy below some of our favorite looks from her Instagram gallery, get to see more on her Instagram page @minahamideh

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