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Easy Chiffon Hijab Style Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  4 years ago  

You can tell by now that chiffon hijabs are my favorite, I love them for the only reason that they fit with any hijab style, you can get that flowy effect and they look neat and well folded when you create any look. You can shop great quality chiffon hijabs from HERE

Today’s hijab style is by the gorgeous @omayazein using a beautiful chiffon hijab and an underscarf to keep everything fixed. You can decide how to style your hijab sides once you pin it under your chin the way Omaya did in her video, and that’s the thing about chiffon hijabs, you get to play around with the long fabric side as you wish and the material helps creating a flowy detail over your shoulder.

Without further ado, enjoy the tutorial below and tag a friend who might like this.

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