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Easy Hijab Tutorial For Special Occasions

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

Hijab tutorials have taken over the whole internet, talented Hijabi fashion bloggers keep on creating new styles and wraps for all kind of occasions and face shapes which we are grateful for. Today’s look is brought to you by Sabina aka @sabinahannan apart from her glamorous makeup tutorials, she creates some hijab looks as well and we can’t get over her funny comments whenever she records one. 

This wrap style would work better with a chiffon material hijab to get that natural flowing effect. You will only need one safety pin and one straight one to secure the hijab. It takes less than a minute to be wrapped, what a  great news for lazy people while getting ready for a special night out. 

The steps are well explained by Sabina, enjoy the video and tag someone who might like it.

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