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Elegant Hijab Tutorial For Everyday Wear

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 months ago  

Welcome back with a new selection of elegant hijab style using Chiffon scarf by Farheen aka @yowitsfariin on Instagram. A Sweden based fashion and lifestyle blogger with a classy clothing style and beautiful hijab wraps. 

She often shares easy practical hijab styles on her youtube videos with all the tips and steps to follow to get the perfect look.

Today’s video features an elegant hijab style for everyday wear using a chiffon scarf. We all know the struggle of wearing chiffon scarves but we can’t deny the beauty of the fabric and how they help creating good folds and flowy styles. The struggle has its one and only solution, which is using an underscarf that will help secure the chiffon fabric and prevent it from sliding over your head, of course by using hijab pins.

This elegant hijab style can be worn for many occasions, you decide.

Without further ado, enjoy watching this video and share it with a friend who might like it.