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Hijab Colors To Adopt With An All White Outfit

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

Wearing an all white outfit sounds scary for the only fear of catching stains, but remains the classiest look of all times. Easy to style, lights up your pace and looks fabulous on any clothing piece whether it is a co-ord, a dress, a skirt, a top or a coat… etc

Obviously, all colors and prints go wonderfully with white. It is the easiest color to combine with the rest of your pieces to complete a ready to wear look.

As soon as the sunny days arrive, opt for light colors: powder pink, sky blue, pastel yellow, etc.

However, during winter, we want to go with warmer tones not too flashy yet not too dark, forget the classic black and white combo, we want something trendy and daring. Gray, navy blue, camel tones but also khaki!

Don’t forget to include well thought accessories which help break the impression of all white outfit from head to toe.

It’s your turn to bring out your favorite hijab colors and create your own combinations! And if you are still looking for ideas to wear your all white outfit take inspiration from our selection of looks below from our favorite hijabi bloggers 

Hijab colors for Summer days

Hijab colors for Winter days

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