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Hijab Style For Work and School

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 years ago  

Whether you are studying or already working or even better: a superwoman doing both! your hijab style can still be on point with all the work and school hijab tutorials shared on Internet, you just have to look for what suit your face shape better and the colors that illuminate your face tone. 

Truth is Work and School outfit styles are very different, however the Hijab Styles are pretty much the same, a wrap that will keep your scarf safe on your head and a wrap tha will be well secured and clean. A style that won’t bother you all day long trying to fix it and put it into place every two minutes.

Below is an easy beautiful hijab style for Work and School, nicely styled at the front and well secured for a long day out working and being productive, now to achieve this touch, you need to choose a chiffon or jersey hijab in order to be able to create the criss cross at the front area. The necklace can be added for this season to spruce up your outfit, especially if you are using matched colors for all your outfit, a colorful necklace would can break a little bith the tones and make the outfit look more stylish and adapted to the summer season.

Omaya aka @Omayazein is one of our  gorgeous and talented favorite bloggers, she always comes up with beautiful and easy Hijab Styles for every face shape or occasion, she shares many hijab tutorials and outfit ideas playing so well with colors and shades, I invite you to keep an eye on her Instagram page, you will be daily inspired!

So as I said, below is one of her Hijab Tutorials perfectly done for School and Work, Tag someone who might like it. Enjoy!

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