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Hijab Styles For Glasses

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

A pair of glasses is a fashion accessory in its own that can add style to an outfit. Indeed, glasses can either highlight a woman’s face or be in total disharmony with the whole. The choice of glasses is therefore very judiciously for modest women who wear the hijab, an additional criterion not to be overlooked. With the sunny days coming sooner, wearing sunglasses is a must to protect your eyes from sun’s rays. Adapting your hijab in a way to keep your sunglasses fixed is an important step to enjoy wearing glasses as a hijabi, your hijab scarf should be loose to make space for glasses to be worn. @saimascorner is sharing below 2 hijab styles for glasses using chiffon hijabs which you can buy from HERE. Enjoy and share this with someone who might need it.

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