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Hijab With Hats – Winter Styles

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  4 years ago  

A true Fall-Winter fashion gimmick, the felt hats are establishing themselves as the elegant alternative to the eternal woolen cap. The proof in pictures.

They look more stylish than a beanie or a knit headband. The felt or fedora hat brings a masculine touch to a traditional jean-basket-perfecto or a bohemian touch to a long printed dress, while keeping us warm. worn over your hijab, add so much style to the whole look.

Choose a sober model.

First of all, opt for a sober, classic and timeless model. We choose a neutral color, which will be easier to combine with the rest of our wardrobe. Black or camel, for the bravest, burgundy remains trendy and very flattering especially on brunettes. We avoid too marked details, chains, feathers, flashy colors, which will be more difficult to match with everyday outfits and which may tire you.

Dare to mix up styles.

Do not hesitate to break the chic side of the hat. Pair it with casual outfits, including casual wear, jeans and sneakers, which will give a fashionable silhouette and make this accessory more accessible, without falling into the total look.

Keep it simple.

The hat is a strong accessory, a piece of character that immediately gives the illusion of a worked look. So no need to overload the outfit, when you choose to emphasize an accessory, you opt for a more neutral outfit. We stay on solid colors, natural shades, beige, brown, camel for a folk silhouette, or black, gray and burgundy for a more rock and roll look.

Below, are all the ways to wear winter hats along with some shopping addresses with worldwide shipping.

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