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30 Hijabis Summer Everyday Outfit Ideas

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago  

Like every year, the arrival of summer is the perfect opportunity to do some shopping. We renew our wardrobe with the strong pieces of the season, the latest colors trends, and above all, we have fun by offering ourselves all the latest novelties for our eveyday summer style.

You still have to know what to buy! For inspiration, we look at the outfits of fashion influencers. Often the first to tackle a new trend, they know how to wear it and what to associate it with.

Like every summer, some essentials of our wardrobe are resurfacing. Timeless, which are always a hit.

To style these pieces, fashion bloggers give them a little freshness. We are inspired by their often perfect combinations so as not to block an hour in front of your dressing room each morning.

This year again, jeans remain a very worn material, even in summer. Vintage jeans? Wear it with light blouses or shirts. For their part, boyfriend jeans, associated with trendy tops, reveal all their fashion potential.

As for colors, all the bright shades are welcomed but again this year, purple has stolen the lights. 

We have gathered 30 Everyday summer outfit ideas by your favorite fashion bloggers, for you to get inspired from and welcome the season in a stylish way.

30 Hijabis Summer Everyday Outfit Ideas

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