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How To Clean & Organize Your Hijabs by Omaya Zein

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  4 years ago  

Today, we will dive in through how to take care of your hijabs, clean them and the best ways to store them with Omaya aka @omayazein on Instagram, one of our favorite Fashion & Lifestyle blogger who often comes up with useful content on how to lead a healthy, organized and fun lifestyle routine.

First, I suggest you donate every hijab you no longer wear to make space for your actual hijabs to be stored in a nice spacious corner.

Then let’s start with the cleaning step, you always need to make sure that the loads that you put your hijabs in in the washing maching only includes other hijabs, don’t throw shirts, dresses, towels… etc or anything else inside the washer with them. Because simply any other fabrics that are maybe a bit rougher can cause them to pill or look more worn that they should. So in order to increase the life cycle of your own hijabs make sure you reserve the washer only for hijabs. As for cleaning, we recommend you to use a gentle detergent plus some baking soda to help with any odors or if you have makeup stains on your hijabs make sure you spray the spots with oxiClean spray bottle which worls beautifully.

Again with the dryer machine, make sure you only include hijabs, dry them on low and wait for them to be ready. Vhiffon and goergette hijabs don’t need any ironing which is great, just hang them and they are ready to be used. As for jersey, viscose.. etc they tend to shrink up so you will need to iron them, make sure you start from the middle then work out your way out unttil you finish.

Make sure you watch Omaya’s tips on how she cleans and iron her hijabs along with her smart way to organize and store her hijabs.

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