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How To Style Jogging pants For Everyday Outfits

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  12 months ago  

Jogging pants came out of the locker rooms. In the city, they have made a name for themselves among the fashion trends. A fan of absolute comfort, rejoice: jogging pants are the new jeans.

Before, jogging pants were reserved for sports classes, weekend “bakery” outings and sofa Sundays. For the past few seasons, we have been wearing joggings like we wear mom jeans. Comfort on top of that.

Suddenly, joggings have become a trendy fashion item like any other. Seen on the catwalks of all Fashion Week shows, sportswear fashion but also streetwear.

Below are all the ways to style jogging pants into your everyday outfits styled and represented by your favorite stylish fashion bloggers.

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