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How To Style Your Sweater This Season

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 years ago  

Between us, the sweater comes back. Special partner of our buttons years, it could have remained the trauma of our 15 years. Nothing of that. 20 years later, the sweater is still there: free, proud on our shoulders and so in the fashion trend. 

From men to women, from teenager to adult, the sweater has adapted, encrusted and imposed itself. And if the classic grey sweater is still a must-have for the family, today you will find many modern and original models. Latest? The short cut for shirts exhibition.

I must say that fashion trends have sunk under the bridges and the sweater has become one of the favorite pieces of us girls. To go to work, wear it with vintage jeans and a pair of derbies. 

Wear the sweater: find the right Style.

To wear it, nothing is more simple: just find your style or make the right associations to adopt a good look. The sweater, if you take it raw, is a sportwear piece. I’ve really been enjoying sportswear clothes at the minute, I’ve even bought a few tracksuits for women! Sweaters are the ultimate sportswear item! So if you want to play with this style, you can really have fun. A cool sweater+ boyfriend jeans/Skirt + a pair of sneakers and you already have the right combo. Chic sport version? Slip on your vintage sweater in a long shirt underneath  with skinny pants and a pair of heeled boots and your outfit becomes a sporty but glam.

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Wear the sweater: find the right combination.

The sweater is simplicity. Easy to wear, this blankie is worn with everything. With a shirt, it becomes less sporty. With a long skirt, more feminine.

If you need fashion advice to dress for an interview, try wearing the plain sweater with 7/8 pants. Try also,

And then, you can twister your sweater. In winter, you can wear a turtleneck underneath. Perfect for keeping warm.

Cherry on the sweater, with the custom one, you can have unique sleeves.

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Wear the sweater: Dare the right colors.


Far from the basic Black, Grey or White sweater, there are endless choices of colors to rock this season to bright your wintery days and keep cozy in your favorite sweater, as a hijabi you can match your hijab with the bottom piece and complete the look with your favorite sweater color! Below are some inspirational colors.

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