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How To Wear Hijab With A Stethoscope

by Nahla Naciri   ·  5 years ago  

The struggle of trying to use a stethoscope while wearing a hijab is every doctor/nurse’s problem, while it seems easy to use, the fact that you have to lift the hijab in order to place the stethoscope under is quite unpleasant to do every other minute, even more when it comes to an emergency.

Choosing the right hijab material and adapting the correct hijab wrap help in a way of making this operation go smoothly. @hanantehaili sharing below a video explaining how to use the Stethoscope with your hijab and which fabric is best for you.

Tag someone who works in healthcare, and share with them these tips and tricks to using the stethoscope with hijab.

You can also view @withloveleena‘s video on how to wear it with hijab and sharing general tips for hijabis working in the medical sector.

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