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Occasional Criss Cross Hijab Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ·  6 years ago  

Nailing hijab styles is one of the easiest thing one could possibly do. All you need is a hijab, few pins and some accessories if needed. Below is a classy and stunning hijab style you can wear for weddings, parties or any special occasion! it looks so stylish and even complicated but only requires few easy steps to be done! you can use a plain scarf for this look to highlight the folds created on the top of the head.

This hijab style would look absolutely stunning with a maxi gown, you can match both the dress and the scarf colors and using accessories in a different color. With no further, here are the steps to follow to get this look done, you will need a maxi hijab, some pins and an underscarf. Place the scarf on your head with a long and short sides and follow the tutorial steps!

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