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Occasional Hijab Style With Folds

by Nahla Naciri   ยท  4 years ago  

For your next party, events or wedding invitation, ditch your everyday hijab style and try something new. Sevi’s Hijab wraps should inspire you to experiment with your scarves new ways to wrap everything up and add few but vivid details to your looks.

Today’s hijab style is so well wrapped, easy to re-create and can reach a compromise between your occasional and casual hijab wraps according to the folds you create to complete the look. You can be content with two folds and switch to your everyday look or copy the same wraps to come up with a beautiful stylish occasional hijab style for your coming special occasions.

Whatever you decide to wear, this hijab style promises to amps up the whole outfit. Without further ado, enjoy watching the full tutorial.

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