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Simple Everyday Pink Hijab Style Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ·  7 years ago  

How cute and simple is this pink hijab tutorial for everyday wear, school, work or just for a lazy day out! you can wear it with a sporty look featuring sneakers, a maxi dress, a sweater and a backpack or for a casual outfit featuring a maxi dress, an oversized denim jacket and converse along with a simple crossbody bag ! So many ideas not enough time right?

With all the hijab styles being created and shared everywhere, one looks for simply a comfortable style that would stay wrapped all day long and don’t require to be fixed every minute.

@ShafiraEden is sharing with you below 4 cute pink hijab styles using viscose hijab, you can use a chiffon one too for these looks. With no further to it, enjoy this quick video to create this look!

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