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Quick & Simple Styles Using a Square Scarf

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

The Versatile Square scarf has become an essential piece in every hijabi’s  wardrobe, not only to wear as a hijab but to use as an accessory as we have seen in our recent articles: How to style your hijab with a bandana/square scarf by Nawal Sari. Or How to style a square scarf in 10 ways for your outfits by Omaya Zein

Today, we are sharing how you can wear it as an actual hijab in many different ways, it’s perfect for work outfits too! 

Quick ideas:

  • Wear a white blazer with beige wide leg trousersand a scarf with beige as a base plus prints.
  • Wear a maxi shirt dress and match the color to one of the scarf prints.
  • Same as above with a blouse and maxi skirt.

Basically this kind of scarves work better with collars, so any top witth a stylish collar would do the work.

Without further ado, pick up your favorite prints, an underscarf to keep your hijab from sliding and watch the video below to learn some new quick and easy ways on how to wear and style your scarf.

With love ❤️

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