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Sleeveless Sweater Trend: All The Ways To Wear It

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

The Sleeveless Sweater: How to wear the most chic fashion detail of the season?

As the temperatures finally cool down, it’s time to put on your winter clothes. knit sweaters, coats, boots, but above all … Big pullover! This year, however, we are betting on a very special mid-season piece: the sleeveless sweater. 

We found it old-fashioned with its checks and very BCBG V-neck and yet, it is back again more stylish than ever. To make it the essential fashion piece of tomorrow, the stylists have added small details that make it the must-have of the season: epaulettes, jewelry buttons or pearls. In any case, the fashionistas were quick to appropriate it and their looks could not be more inspiring! 

Plain, twisted, patterned … Whatever your choice, the sleeveless sweater will add a little chic and preppy touch to your outfit. Not sure how to wear it? Don’t panic, we’ll give you some ideas!

How to wear it though?

  • Our favorite look: slip your sweater over a loose white shirt, with puffed sleeves or not.
  • Weather permitting, a plain sweater can be worn with a maxi printed long sleeves dress.
  • It can also be worn over a simple long white shirt over jeans and sneakers.
  • This fall-winter, this fashionable piece will go perfectly on a matching set of fine knit top and pants.

It is the smartest piece to wear when you have a nice top but too tight on your chest. This will give you more coverage and you get to wear your top anyway.

Below are all the ways you can wear this timeless clothing item. You can get inspired from our favorite bloggers who have already slayed this trend.

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