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Street Style: The Best Looks by @styledbyduha

by Nahla Naciri   ·  2 years ago  

Who has never looked back on the street to the captivating style of a passerby? A daring total-look, an ultra-trendy outfit, a most remarkable fashion piece, a cult handbag… Street style inspires, both to find your style and to spot the trends of the season. Fashion bloggers, celebrities, journalists, influencers, they parade the trends before the time, instilling in us admirers a thousand and one ways to tame them in style.

Below is an anthology of the best street styles spotted on Duha aka @styledbyduha page on Instagram. She is a Dallas based modest fashion enthusiast and has a very well-groomed style and an incredible gift for combining colors and trendy pieces. Minimal and feminine style, a top result for all the fanatics of street wear.

Below are our top 15 looks we love from Duha’s page. Daring shades and stylish cuts to be inspired by.

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