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Style The Wrap: 3 Easy Hijab Styles

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

@sevisworld came up with 3 beautiful and easy hijab styles using the same scarf but wrapping it differently creating 3 new styles to upgrade your daily look and spruce up your allure. The first look is a classic, you can work it out as you please creating as many folds as you want. For the second look, you will barely need any hijab pin, all it is required is to make a knot to secure the headscarf and then style the side as you like it. For the last look keep the same knot tied, open and bring one side of the hijab around your head then pin it, do the same with the other side, secure it with a pin and there you are. 

Enjoy these tutorials and tag a friend who might like these.

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