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Tips For An Effective Spring Wardrobe Transition

by Nahla Naciri   ·  3 years ago  

The warm weather has returned: how to make an effective Spring wardrobe transition?

Now is the time to rethink your wardrobe and put winter behind us! But what to store, what to take out and how to dress between the two seasons? Here is a little guide.

To transition into spring wardrobe follow the steps below:

What to put away immediately
Big coats, winter boots and scarves. We are no longer able to see them anyway! Moving items out of season is one of the best strategies for keeping control of the hall closet.

Big wool sweaters
The same rule applies: it is best to wash them and make sure there is no problem: missing button, hole, pulled thread …

Wool sweaters should not be hung on supports, which contributes to warping them.

Items with faux fur
These are really out of place outside of winter! Even if it is only a detail on the coat or the garment (collar, accent).

Thermal suits and winter sportswear
Because the days of jogging with layers of “onion skin” are finally over.

What we wear instead
Remember to bring out or get these items for a better transition (which you can carry over year after year).

1. The trench coat

It’s the perfect spring garment: it’s stylish, it works just as well when it rains as when it’s cool. It’s a timeless one!

2. Light coats

This year, bomber jackets and motorcycle jackets are very trendy. With color and patterns, it’s even more springtime!

3. The denim jacket

There is one for all ages, all styles and for all tastes.

Below are all the best looks to get inspired from to know exactly what to get and what to store to get the perfect winter to spring transition for your wardrobe.

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