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Top 10 Hijabi Wardrobe Essentials – Fall/Winter

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

What if we told you that to be trendy this winter, all you need are few essentials. To see more clearly in the din of fall-winter 2020-2021 fashion trends, we sort it out. Leena Asad aka @withloveleena shared a great video featuring the top 10 hijabi wardrobe essentials for both Fall and Winter. 

The great cold is now completely settled down. Sweaters, boots or coats, Leena has selected clothes for you that will keep you warm while waiting for the sunny days .. Below is a list of every hijabi wardrobe essentials for these cold seasons along with links from which you can shop online different beautiful fashion pieces.

1. Jersey hijabs. Shop your favorite color from HERE

2. White undershirt. Shop yours from HERE

3. Leggings. Shop some from HERE

4. Long coats. Shop your favorite design from HERE

5. Sleeveless coat. Shop your favorite style from HERE

6. Straight leg jeans. Shop your favorite one from HERE

7. Long blazers. Shop them from HERE

8. Sweaters. Learn how to style them and shop your favorite one from HERE

9. Dresses. Shop beautiful designs from HERE

10. Cardigans. Shop your favorite ones from HERE

11. Wide leg pants. Shop some from HERE

12. High-ankle booties. Shop your favorite from HERE

Enjoy Leena’s video showing her own hijabi wardrobe Fall and Winter essentials and some inspirational outfit ideas.

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