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Waved Sided Hijab Style Tutorial

by Nahla Naciri   ·  4 years ago  

Welcome back again with a new hijab tutorial featuring a waved sided hijab style by the one and only @sevisworld 

Watching her videos is always a fun thing to do, we get to learn new tips on how to wrap the hijab in so many different stylish ways. We also appreciate the fact that her videos and not long and the way she shows every step is clear. Wattch more of her Hijab Tutorials HERE

Today’s look is a killer, for your coming party or event, you should definitely rock tthis style. This waved hijab style requires a long and large hijab, we advise you to check Haute Hijab Chiffon Hijabs HERE they are what you need to get this look done? they are available in every color you think of. You will also need few pins and safety pins to get secure everything and to create folds. 

Without further ado, enjoy wwatching this waved sisded hijab style and tag someone who might like it.

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