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Wearing Silk: 24 Looks That Inspire Us

by Nahla Naciri   ·  11 months ago  

This silky fabric is a must-have on every wardrobe item this season. Bet on silk but on condition that you adapt it well so that it remains modern. How to boost your look without overdoing it? Manual below!

You have surely noticed it: satin has been everywhere for a few months. However, you still hesitate to take the plunge, for fear of doing too much “pajamas”. Do not panic! We will show you how to wear satin pieces without looking like you got out of bed.

The skirt

It’s the piece to get to wear silk without making fuss on a daily basis. Plain or with animal prints, polka dots or graphics, it’s up to you to choose your satin skirt according to your tastes. Wear it with a graphic wool or soft knit sweater. We love this silky note which gives a touch of chic and cool to the silhouette. Especially since a satin skirt can be worn all year round.

The shirt or blouse

These are the ideal pieces to wear a touch of silk. Go for a pretty color that flatters your skin tone, like hot pink, red or green. You will easily associate it with jeans or woolen cloth pants, and ankle boots or sneakers to stay in tune with the times. 

The total look

For the more adventurous, the total look is a possibility. Fall for the dresses. But beware, you will be a real eye-catcher! So no need to overload your look with accessories that are too showy. 

Below are 24 looks that inspire us to rock this fabric this year. Enjoy!