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Winter Office Wear: Modest Outfit Ideas

by Nahla Naciri   ¬∑  3 years ago  

Your mission, if you accept it: Going to work with the ideal outfit. But here, between the ‘too serious’ and ‘not enough classy’, it is not evident to make an easy outfit. Zoom on the pieces and outfits to adopt to make a faultless office fashion that will impress all your colleagues in the open space.

We will mention along some stores from where you can shop pretty much the same pieces of the following outfits.

Going to work in dress is a good idea. Why ? Quite simply, because it’s a feminine, chic and elegant piece and will make you start your morning feeling glamorous. When you turn up at your office, your office won’t be empty or decorated poorly, if the furniture in your office is better then you, then it makes sense to get dressed nicely for when you go to work. Doesn’t matter where they got their office furniture from, for example they might have got it from office monster, you still need to make sure that when you walk in through those doors that you look nice and professional. In addition, with a dress, you no longer need to waste precious minutes in the morning in front of your dressing room to choose your outfit, you can put on your make up and slip into your dress feeling ready for the busy day ahead. However a couple of tips, firstly we highly recommend you check out wake up make up! to help you feel ready for the day ahead. In addition to this it is also important to beware, not all dresses are suitable for the office. Pick a long knit dress or a skirt with a sweater. You’re welcome to belt just to kind of give your dress a little bit of form.


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Back in force this year, tailor pants have more than ever a place in the office. Ultra trendy, they are more than a simple element of the dressing of the working girl, they are also, and above all, a real fashion piece. You can choose to wear the pants in total look with the jacket. In this case, opt for an original set both in terms of cut and color. Otherwise break the whole look with a different Blazer/Jacket.

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A trench at work is a good plan. And yes, it is suitable both for the day but also for the evening. To go to the office, leave aside the casual sporty trenches. in terms of shapes, many models are available to you: the elegant long trench that gives a working-girl look or the short trench that brings a modern and trendy side.

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Enjoy below some of our favorite selection of Winter Office Wardrobe inspirations 

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