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5 Types Of Men You Should Not Marry

by Nahla Naciri   ·  9 years ago  

Let’s discover the 5 types of men you should never ever consider marrying!

Marriage is a lifetime commitment, for one must think carefully and deeply before taking any step forward, it’s a heavy decision and a hard one to take! In the engagement phase we get or let me say, try to get to know each others but you can never tell whether it’s true or only a game or acting. You can’t tell from the first meeting the types of people around you.

Of course we do Istikhara prayer to see what we feel about it, but Allah only knows what could happen.

However some characters are obvious and can be catched from only few visits from your in laws during your engagement period, there are many types of people whether for men or women.

Below, we have listed 5 types of men having these characters, you should never consider marrying!

1- The Mama’s boy: Any man who loves his mother will know how to treat a woman, right? but there’s a huge difference between respecting your mom and doing every single word she orders! letting her decide for his professional decisions, his investment portfolio, where he lives .. etc, a man should be independant regarding his marital decisions and discuss them with only his spouse! but inviting his mom to take decisions or even plan stuff with you! well that is really something I’m sure you won’t be able to handle for the long run!

2-The Workaholic: Of course, nothing is as great as having a Chivalrous man who provides for his family and pay his bills with the money he works for, but what kind of marital life is it if your husband is a workaholic, his work and job plans are his passion and he would sacrifice all his weekends for work only, he doesn’t have time to communicate with you, or to even notice whether you’re happy in your couple or not, If his work schedule makes a social life impossible, investing hopes of being a happy couple might make you feel secondary to the job.

3- The bossy man: He may tell you all the sweet things you want to hear, call you when he says he will and is even honest about where he’s at. He also doesn’t cheat on you, but is he bossy? Does he tell you what to wear, what you should look like, how pounds you have to lose or tell you what to do? He’s the bossy guy, and these guys are often the kind to avoid. Many become controlling, or abusive. Marry someone who lets you express yourself for you and doesn’t try to boss you around.

4- The one who doesn’t like your family:  I do not have a perfect family, and nobody does! Yet, if this man consistently says he doesn’t want to be around your family, refuses to attend events where they are present, or most of the time invites you to meet him where they could not be, ditch him! He should show you how much he appreciate your family first to make you win his trust and try to open your heart for him, and he should respect you enough to treat them with kindness, regardless of how he feels.

5- The attention seeker: This is the man who always wants attention wherever he’s at. He wears a tons of cologne, cares way too much about his appearance, interrupts people during conversations and tells pointless jokes anywhere he goes to try to get a laugh. He may be sweet, but why does he need all that attention if he’s got you? Aren’t you enough? Consider this type before you make a commitment to him. Sometimes this type of men encourage their wives to do the same and what kind of men would want to expose his wife to everyone to admire!

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