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Beautiful Floral Hijab Tutorial For Young Hijabis

by Nahla Naciri   ·  9 years ago  

How cute and beautiful is this floral hijab tutorial, so suitable for young girls and students especially during the hot summer, it’s so simple, breathable and easy to create. 

For this hijab look, it’s important to choose wisely the hijab fabric, viscose or chiffon hijabs are the most suitable as they can be folded easily and smoothly to avoid creating weird folds on the side of your head using this hijab wrap.

A quick tip while wearing a floral hijab, avoid wearing any other printed item to give all the attention to the scarf and the hijab style.

With no further, here are the steps to follow to get this lovely hijab tutorial done:

1- Place the scarf on your head with long and short sides.

2- Pin the scarf back with a safety pin.

3- Bring the short side over your neck and pin it or simply tuck it in your hijab.

4- Twist a little bit the long side.

5- Then bring it loosely to the other side.

Finally complete the wrap and pin it to keep it secured.

and Voila!

10691826_1525406724361265_1520653065_nPicture’s source @barbie_imaa

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