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Beautiful Daily Hijab Pictorial For Beginners

by Nahla Naciri   ·  9 years ago  

This is a beautiful Hijab tutorial you can wear daily for school or work, it’s easy, simple and fits all faces shapes, it’s so quick you can create it in few minutes specially for people who run out of time early in the morning, I see you!

Another beautiful thing about this style is that it offers a great chest coverage, for these cold days you can drop it on your tight cozy tops without having to hide your chest in heavy clothes.

This hijab style can work with chiffon and hersey hijabs, the more lightweight the fabric, the better is to help you fix it smoothly on your head and get it weel secured with pins.

So to get this done, follow the steps listed below and get your hijab ready!

1- Place the hijab on your head with equal sides then pin under your chin to secure it.

2- Wrap the first side all over your head as you would normally do with any hijab style.

3- Pin it for security.

4- With the other side try to cover your chest by playing with the fabric layers.

5- Then pin it to fix it.


Beautiful hijab

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